Executive Jobs in Hawaii Podcast

Posted by in Blog on Apr 21, 2015

Executive Jobs in Hawaii Podcast

Related to many of the interviews we’ve recently done related to executive jobs in Hawaii and professional careers in Hawaii, Honolulu Civil Beat asked us to participate in a recorded podcast interview, which you can stream and listen to here.

If you’re coming from the mainland, salaries for executive jobs in Hawaii are going to be lower. How much lower depends on a lot of factors. But for any professional looking to relocate to Hawaii, salary is an obvious consideration.

For any executive or professional seeking employment in Hawaii, we highly recommend engaging with a Hawaii head hunter or Hawaii recruiter before embarking on your search. But be careful. Some other Hawaii search firms don’t like to work with mainland candidates. At Makai Search Group, we specialize in bringing highly-qualified, highly-motivated mainland candidates to Hawaii for long-term employment. Just like our motto says, we focus on fit!


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