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Searching for Executive Jobs in Hawaii?

Are you searching for executive jobs in Hawaii? Is Honolulu or Maui or Kauai the next stop on your professional career? If you’re searching for executive jobs in Hawaii, Makai Search Group can help!

Confidentiality Is Our Middle Name

Well, actually it’s Search, but we wanted to let you know how much we value your confidentiality, and always will!

Makai Search Group focuses on Executive Jobs in Hawaii.  We work directly with business owners and senior-level executives to assist them in filling crucial leadership roles.

  • We are relationship driven.  We actively engage candidates whether you are looking to make a move now, or sometime down the road.  Only you can make the decision about exploring an opportunity.
  • Our focus for the candidates we work with is the same as our clients…cultural fit. For executive jobs in Hawaii, that means a lot.
  • We want to ensure that you land a position with the right company for the right reasons.
  • We take the time to get to know our clients, which means we will give you as much information as possible about the position, who you report to, growth potential of the position and the company in general and, of course, corporate culture.
  • We want to know what’s important to you for your next position, and help you find it.

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