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Finding the perfect mid- to senior-level hospitality executive is hard enough, but filling Hawaii hospitality executive jobs within Hawaii’s unique culture and remote location calls for deep knowledge of the local market, proper expectations, and a broad network.

With over 25 years in the hospitality industry, including nearly 15 years focused on executive placement and filling Hawaii hospitality executive jobs, Makai Search Group has the industry experience, focus on candidate-company fit, and hospitality network to help you quickly find stellar-yet-stable candidates for your manager, director, and executive openings.

Filling Hawaii hospitality executive jobs has always been challenging. After the romance of Hawaii fades, mainland candidates face the remoteness of the location and the high cost of living. For local talent, it’s difficult to identify and influence the top-tier candidates.

Let us make your job easier! Our experience spans Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts to Hawaiian Airlines, and we’ve had a presence in the Hawaii market long enough to know how to approach local candidates and how to find mainland candidates truly prepared for a Hawaii-based career.

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Or, click here to watch our short video featuring Doug Harb, Makai Search Group’s founder, talking about our philosophy and how it differentiates us from other Hawaii-based recruiters.

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