Tips if Looking for a Hawaii Executive Job

Posted by in Blog on Apr 7, 2015

Tips if Looking for a Hawaii Executive Job

As a professional recruiter and head hunter in Hawaii, my executive search firm is always active in the local community. I’ve been interviewed several times over the past few months for articles related to executive employment and professional jobs in Honolulu and other parts of Hawaii. While my background is in hospitality executive search, I have plenty of experience placing professionals and executives in leadership positions across industries, from banking to finance to food production to staffing to outsourcing services.

In a recent article in Honolulu Civil Beat, I was interviewed to discuss the potential salary challenges for executives and employers in Hawaii.

Here’s an excerpt:

“If it is just career-driven and they are looking at Hawaii as a short-term part of their career plan, that isn’t someone who is going to lay down roots here,” explained Doug Harb, an executive recruiter in Honolulu. “I can name 20 other markets that will offer them more opportunities.”

On the flip side, professionals who think they are going to move to paradise and just chill out often discover that it requires a whole lot of hard work, networking and finagling to establish a presence here and get by.

From a career standpoint, a professional decision to head to Hawaii is usually a “risky move,” Harb said, given the mainland perception that people working in the islands are off the grid.

From a national perspective, such a move is almost never the best way to advance your career, said Harb, who is the president of Makai Search Group. “I don’t want to say it is career suicide, but you are putting up roadblocks for your career.”

You can read the entire article here. I recommend it for mainland executives looking at careers in Hawaii, and for kama’aina or former residents looking to return to Hawaii.

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